May 22 2005

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May 22nd, 2005 (May 22 2005)DeathCharilaos Florakis, Greek politician, long-time General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece (born in 1914)
May 22nd, 2005 (May 22 2005)DeathJulia Randall, American poet (born in 1924)
May 22nd, 2005 (May 22 2005)DeathThurl Ravenscroft, American voice actor and singer (born in 1914)
May 22nd, 1985 (May 22 1985)BirthMarc-Antoine Pouliot, Canadian ice hockey player
May 22nd, 1985 (May 22 1985)BirthTranquillo Barnetta, Swiss footballer
May 22nd, 1985 (May 22 1985)BirthCaridee English, American Model
May 22nd, 1975 (May 22 1975)BirthJanne Niinimaa, Finnish ice hockey player
May 22nd, 1975 (May 22 1975)BirthTracy Brookshaw, American professional wrestler and valet
May 22nd, 1975 (May 22 1975)BirthSalvador Ballesta, Spanish Footballer.
May 22nd, 1975 (May 22 1975)DeathLefty Grove, American Baseball Player (born in 1900)
May 22nd, 1965 (May 22 1965)DeathChristopher Stone, first disc jockey in the United Kingdom (born in 1882)
May 22nd, 1955 (May 22 1955)BirthJimmy Lyon, American guitarist (Eddie Money)
May 22nd, 1955 (May 22 1955)BirthDale Winton, British radio DJ and television presenter
May 22nd, 1955 (May 22 1955)BirthJerry Dammers, English musician (The Specials)
May 22nd, 1955 (May 22 1955)BirthChalmers "Spanky" Alford, American jazz guitarist (died in 2008)
May 22nd, 1935 (May 22 1935)BirthRon Piche, Quebec baseball player
May 22nd, 1925 (May 22 1925)BirthJames King, American tenor (died in 2005)
May 22nd, 1925 (May 22 1925)BirthJean Tinguely, Swiss artist (died in 1991)
May 22nd, 1915 (May 22 1915)EventLassen Peak erupts with a powerful force, and is the only mountain, other than Mount St. Helens, to erupt in the continental US during the 20th century.
May 22nd, 1915 (May 22 1915)EventFive trains collide in the Quintinshill rail crash near Gretna Green, Scotland, killing 227 people and injuring 246; the accident is found to be the result of non-standard operating practices during a shift change at a busy junction.
May 22nd, 1885 (May 22 1885)BirthGiacomo Matteotti, Italian politician (died in 1924)
May 22nd, 1885 (May 22 1885)BirthToyoda Soemu, Japanese admiral (died in 1957)
May 22nd, 1885 (May 22 1885)DeathVictor Hugo, French author (born in 1802)Victor Hugo Quotes
May 22nd, 1795 (May 22 1795)DeathEwald Friedrich, Count von Hertzberg, Prussian statesman (born in 1725)
May 22nd, 1775 (May 22 1775)EventQuebec - Jean-Olivier Briand (1715-1794) Bishop of Quebec orders loyalty to Britain, forbids Canadians women to marry soldiers in the invading American army.
May 22nd, 1745 (May 22 1745)DeathFrancois-Marie, 1st duc de Broglie, French military leader (born in 1671)
May 22nd, 1715 (May 22 1715)BirthFrancois-Joachim de Pierre de Bernis, French cardinal and statesman (died in 1794)
May 22nd, 1455 (May 22 1455)EventWars of the Roses: at the First Battle of St Albans, Richard, Duke of York, defeats and captures King Henry VI of England.
May 22nd, 1455 (May 22 1455)DeathHenry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland, English politician (killed in battle)
May 22nd, 1455 (May 22 1455)DeathEdmund Beaufort, 2nd Duke of Somerset, English commander (killed in battle) (born in 1406)

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