May 22 2006

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May 22nd, 2006 (May 22 2006)EventResults from the Montenegrin independence referendum, 2006 are announcedied in 55.4% of voters vote to become independent from the Serbia and Montenegro Union.
May 22nd, 2006 (May 22 2006)DeathLee Jong-wook, Korean Director-General of the World Health Organisation (born in 1945)
May 22nd, 2006 (May 22 2006)DeathHeather Crowe, Canadian activist (born in 1945)
May 22nd, 1966 (May 22 1966)BirthKenny Hickey, American guitarist (Type O Negative)
May 22nd, 1966 (May 22 1966)BirthJose Mesa, Dominican baseball player
May 22nd, 1966 (May 22 1966)DeathTom Goddard, English cricketer (born in 1900)
May 22nd, 1956 (May 22 1956)BirthAl Corley, American actor and producer
May 22nd, 1956 (May 22 1956)BirthNatasha Shneider, Russian-born musician
May 22nd, 1946 (May 22 1946)BirthHoward Kendall, English footballer and football manager
May 22nd, 1946 (May 22 1946)BirthGeorge Best, Northern Irish footballer (died in 2005)George Best Quotes
May 22nd, 1936 (May 22 1936)EventAer Lingus (Aer Loingeas) is founded by the Irish government as the national airline of the Republic of Ireland.
May 22nd, 1936 (May 22 1936)BirthM. Scott Peck, American psychiatrist and writer (died in 2005)
May 22nd, 1906 (May 22 1906)EventThe 1906 Summer Olympics, not now recognized as part of the official Olympic Games, open in Athens.
May 22nd, 1906 (May 22 1906)EventThe Wright brothers are granted U.S. patent number 821,393 for their "Flying-Machine".
May 22nd, 1856 (May 22 1856)EventCongressman Preston Brooks of South Carolina beats Senator Charles Sumner with a cane in the hall of the United States Senate for a speech Sumner had made attacking Southerners who sympathized with the pro-slavery violence in Kansas ("Bleeding Kansas").
May 22nd, 1826 (May 22 1826)EventThe HMS Beagle departs on its first voyage.
May 22nd, 1746 (May 22 1746)DeathThomas Southerne, Irish dramatist (born in 1660)Thomas Southerne Quotes
May 22nd, 1666 (May 22 1666)DeathGaspar Schott, German scientist (born in 1608)
May 22nd, 1176 (May 22 1176)EventMurder attempt by the Hashshashin (Assassins) on Saladin near Aleppo.

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